Evening art class and new books to read

Kate and I are taking an evening painting class with Jill Van Dyke in Longmont. I painted an imaginary image from my new book “Boro” that arrived this week, it is about Japanese kimonos and other clothing that has been preserved with patches and darns for many years. Just my cup of tea!

Two other books by India Flint also arrived, “Eco Color” and “Second Skin”. Just leafing through “Second Skin” with its beautiful pictures and bundled leaves and twigs, makes me want to start dyeing my cloth with plants from my garden.

Evening at the Denver Art Museum

Last night the DAM hosted a reception for the volunteers and staff of their new exhibition “Spun” . What a great night , Kate and I met many of the people involved with the behind the scenes work, the whole museum runs like a well oiled machine with each person having a vital role. We were told that our work is documented, both the work in the classroom and the work in the museum shop, so that at all times it is known where each piece is accounted for. We were both impressed.

The classroom is set for our presentation.

We previewed the show, it promises to be a huge success. In his speech Christoph Heinrich, the director of Frederick and Jan Mayer, said it is the largest show the museum has staged.

Went to the hairdresser…..and darned a T-shirt

Had my hair bleached yesterday for the opening event at the Denver Art Museum, I apply the pink myself but my hair is professionally bleached.

As an example of darning for the museum, I spent the last day or two darning a T-shirt that I requested from my husband. It is full of holes, I chose the largest hole to darn, the shirt is so old that pieces of it sloughed off on my needle. The shirt began to sprout new holes as I worked. A labor of love, turned into a very colorful darn, it’s finished now, I can see why it has become a throwaway age!

Saw Kate yesterday to discuss the final arrangements for the demos on Saturday and Sunday. Everything appears to be in order. So we hope to see you in Denver at the DAM this weekend.

2 Brits at the Denver Art Museum

Next weekend May 18 for members May 19 for public the Denver Art Museum will open the doors of the new textile wing. This is a big deal, a real textile department at the Denver Art Museum. Kate Cox and myself will work in the classroom on opening weekend from 12-3PM. We will demonstrate the way we work using nothing to create something. In other words we use scraps to create our cloth works.

On another note…my thanks goes out to Don McNichol in UK for his skill in making this blog happen…

On yet another note…the Longmont Humane Society chose my entered name “Rupert” for their mascot dog. From the British childhood book “Rupert Bear”