Work Space

My studio is both my work and thinking space. The area has three sewing machines and a large cutting table. It also houses my collection of fabrics. In spite of the sewing machines, all of my work is slowly and carefully hand-stitched. I collect old embroidered cloths, men’s ties and suits, women’s suits and skirts. They are all cut apart inspected, cleaned then filed away to be used in later projects. The work process is slow, it’s never about speed. I ponder and develop an idea–work it out mentally–then, without photographs, sketches or patterns, I stitch directly onto the project.

I go where the needle takes me, I embroider and re-embroider my cloth collection. Because embroidery was once an everyday expression of women many years, I work on salvaged items that are no longer wanted, and make them alive again.

I do not want the original embroiders and machinists to be forgotten, I hold them in high esteem!

Both the Slow Movement and the Outsider Art Movement play significantly as part of my life philosophy.


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