2 Brits at the Denver Art Museum

Next weekend May 18 for members May 19 for public the Denver Art Museum will open the doors of the new textile wing. This is a big deal, a real textile department at the Denver Art Museum. Kate Cox and myself will work in the classroom on opening weekend from 12-3PM. We will demonstrate the way we work using nothing to create something. In other words we use scraps to create our cloth works.

On another note…my thanks goes out to Don McNichol in UK for his skill in making this blog happen…

On yet another note…the Longmont Humane Society chose my entered name “Rupert” for their mascot dog. From the British childhood book “Rupert Bear”

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  1. wow! congratulations!!!! I am so proud and happy for you both……
    I am sending your blog address to linda beckert, a craftswoman….in

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