I purchased a new art work!

A week ago fiber artist J. Bruce Wilcox announced that he was actively selling his art work. A good price could be had for his pre 2010 work. Well, I was interested in one of his works from 1973 which I had seen on a slide last year. Bruce removed the work from the shelf where it had sat all these years, dusted it off, removed the stretcher bars washed and stretched the work and dashed out to buy new stretcher bars. The piece looked fresh and well preserved when I saw it in real life. I remembered it differently, with less color, since I had only briefly glanced at the slide. I liked it immediately, took is home, now I am the proud owner of Bruce’s hand stitched 1973 work.

1973 Embroidery by J.Bruce Wilcox

1973 Embroidery by J.Bruce Wilcox

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