Kate Cox is back in USA

My friend, collaborator and fellow Brit, after 2 months away, Kate Cox is now back in Colorado. She continues to wait for a decision from the Department US Immigration to have her A-1 visa reinstated. All this happened after an officer at the US Embassy in London questioned her international fiber artist status. Kate has lived and worked in USA for 8 years.

New work

Currently on vacation, I’ve started four new pieces, all hand stitched, photos to follow. Three will become a triptych to be hung vertically. Each will be assembled from found cloth which will be appiiqued to a black background. Each appiiqued piece will be linked to another by hand stitches.

Tangled Threads

When I wake up, I like to start the day untangling threads, it is perhaps an unconscious effort to sort out the dreams I had. Because I stitch, there are always threads to untangle, the limit I set myself is not to cut the thread unless it is absolutely necessary. I think this exersice allows me to think through a plan for the stitching I’m about to start.