Primitive-Raw-Outsider-Art and Keep Moving

Primitive-Raw-Outsider-Art and Keep Moving

Everyday, I tell myself to keep moving or you will rust. Pic above, me at the YMCA in a spinning class. Sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

When I was a young 14 year old girl in my first job my brother Mike asked my why I don’t wear something normal. Well what could I say? At that time I realized that I was unconventional in my tastes, not sure I’ve changed much. I left school to learn the hairdressing trade, since it seemed obvious to the teachers I was not university material. To say the least I was “thick”.

Perhaps growing up in Britain the country of Monty Python, I developed an early sense of the ridiculous and the absurd. Hand stitching helps my live the ridiculous and absurd, it’s extremely satisfying and necessary to live those two thoughts they are my life’s philosophy.

My growth was formed by growing up in a strict household and in a strict school environment, my early development has stayed with me throughout my adult life. On the surface I’m shy and somewhat withdrawn with conservative thoughts. On the other hand, inside is also a rebellious person, dying to kick the system, a person who dyes her hair pink and doesn’t give a s…, an independent free thinker who has settled into something that feeds my creative whims.

My work is raw-primitive stitching done by hand, using primarily recycled items. “Outsider Art” is the category into which I slot my work. The unfinished pleases me, rough work overlapping outside the mainstream, hand stitching on the outer edge of embroidery norms.